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Found 8 results

  1. Our wetroom. I feel sick. And for months I have been doing other jobs instead - not that there's any shortage of them. But this particular one fills me with dread. Here goes. What have we got? This..... The North wall The south wall The east wall The west wall ( all bar a little bit) and we'd like to use a Wedi Riofino base for the shower bit - like this I dont know how many times I have dipped my big toe into @Onoff's posts - many many times. And while its been instructive, its also itemised what I can get wrong. Geberit Sigma frame and AquaClean Tuma already bought. And a small Geberit hand wash basin. SWMBO has the tiles detail. Small area of electric underfloor heat ( a square meter or so) On the east wall, we'd like Multipanel. Elsewhere tiles. Lets start with a simple question: walls before floor or the other way round?
  2. This summer I need to have my upstairs bathroom refurbished. It was installed 12 yeas ago by the previous house owner, who also did the self-build addition of an upper storey to the previous bungalow. The bathroom has lots of lovely features including electric ufh, and a long crack all the way down a row of tiles. I think the room pretty much needs gutting, as the problem is probably under the floor, which is a huge pity because the fittings are so pleasant. I think, however, that I may be able to retain the wall tiles, and perhaps reuse the existing shower screen (which looks expensive to replace). The requirements are: 1 - Fix floor, replace ufh and retile. 2 - Replace wetroom area with large shower, perhaps with storage area (I really do not need a 2.6m x 1.1m shower). 3 - Add bath. 4 - Replace loo with something a little less temperamental. 5 - Replace whb with one with more space for bottles and things, possibly a vanity unit. I have a couple of months to think about this, so any comments would be very welcome. Here is the crack: My verdict on that crack is that the subfloor may have been done with 8x4 sheets of standard chipboard, rather than tongue and groove, and that moisture has got in and made the joint expand. There are also a couple of other cracks at right angles, and the wetroom area is suffering a little. Here are a few snapshots of the room, including some excellent tiling on a hipped corner. First a simplified layout and 3d: Where it fits: Inside of dormer window: Whb and towel rail: Loo (the blotches are as a result of compressing the photo): The wetroom area: As I say, this is one to chew on ... so any comments are welcome.
  3. I've got 25mm left. Between the slab and FFL. And we want a wet room. Ain't gonna happen is it? Well anyway thats what the man from Topps tiles said. Yes, yes, I know. And if you look at some of my earlier threads (2 - 3 years ago) you'll understand why. Moving swiftly on, I need to dig out. By how much? (PS, I've got the drain hole in the right place - and for me thats a success)
  4. Damn, damn, damn! While planning to build a small wet room extention on the side of a bungalow for my elderly parents, I had assumed we would not need full planning as its on the side of the house and not that large. But I was wrong! As it sits on a corner with two roads, there is no Permitted development on the side either! I should not have assumed, I know. If I had checked, I would have been able to apply at least a montha go. Page 13 to 16 shows our side extension is outside the permitted area. So I am now looking at local architectural technicians to draw up some plans, as I would not have a clue how to do them myself. I did have a look at Sketchup but think it would take hours for me to become anywhere near proficient enough to do the plans. The extension consists of a small rectange added to the side of the bungalow, making it level with the front wall, sticking a little further out than the porch (avoiding the drain run which is currently under the porch wall) and the roof line would match in with the main roof. Here are my plans - dont laugh at their simplicity - I did my best. 😕 IMG.pdf and a picture of the corner where it will go. So the quotes have come back and are both around £300-400. The first is this one. Drawings: Survey Existing Buildings £ 75.00 Prepare existing CAD digital Plans and Elevations. £ 125.00 Prepare outline Sketch Scheme Plans for approval £ 50.00 Prepare all necessary Plans, Elevations Sections and Detailed Final Plans, and all necessary required to make a formal Applications. £25.00 including all site / home / Council office visits / meetings and to liaise with all other parties as necessary, printing rates as below Survey and all Drawing Work Total £ 275.00 Fees: (All Printing is inclusive) Digital Location Plan 1:1250, 1:500 scale £ 38.50 Preparation of Digital PDF plans and make on-line Planning Portal Submission £ 26.25 That seems quite reasonable. He also included a nice document explaining all about the planning process and how he can help me through it. The other quote is as follows; Conduct a physical survey of the property. The production of architectural drawings which will include: survey plans & elevations, proposed plans & elevations, location, block and site layout plans. £350.00 Licensed Ordinance Survey map download which is an external fee and a requirement for all planning applications. £45.00 The preparation of a Health and Safety file and to act as Principal Designer as laid out in the CDM Regulations 2015. (For further information please see CDM guide that accompanies this quote). £40.00 Additional design work will be charged at hourly rate VAT £0.0 TOTAL £435.00 Note: Any works outside of that quoted above will be charged at £35 an hour. Drawings supplied in digital PDF format, paper copies available at additional charge. The first appears to be cheaper and does the on-line application for me but does not mention of H&S files and CDM regulations. I am tempted to go with that one but would be grateful for any comments/advice. Have i missed anything that will be needed? Could I do the Health and Safety file myself or is £40 a good price for it? Funnily enough - both chaps live just round the corner from our bungalow in different directions. At least they know the area well and as there are loads of other bungalows with a multitude of varied extensions, I am not worried that it will get refused. Its just a shame about the time it will take to apply and that will put us into winter for the building work. Poor Mum and Dad will just have to cope without any bathing facilities for another few months. I can't even bring them to our house as Mum cant do stairs up to our shower room.
  5. I have spent the last two days reading lots of posts about wet rooms and waterproofing, so its time to now ask for advice. we have bought a bungalow for my elderly parents and while most of it is ideal for them, the bathroom leaves a lot to be desired. it is small with a bath, which neither of them can use as they cannot safely get in and out. we are not easily able to remove the bath and replace with a shower as there is a large window which would need to be moved/made smaller, it would be a small shower and what would they use while the work was being carried out? so the other option is to add a wet room on the side of the building. it gives a second loo, which is always a good idea, and hopefully will add to the value. we have plenty of land around as it is a corner plot and looking round the estate, it seems the council allow pretty much whatever anyone asks for. The porch will form one wall of the wet room and the side window (seen just peeping out on the right) will be removed from the bedroom and a door inserted. then the room will fill that corner on the right. the roof will extend upwards to link or be just below the origonal and it will come out a little past the porch wall. the reason for that is it appeared that the main drain runs under the wall of the porch🤨. the inspection cover can be seen on the bottom left of the photo and it runs straight towards my builder. so if we move the new wall further out, it will give us extra space inside and hopefully avoid too much bridging of the drain. We plan to have the usual loo, basin and shower but to leave it all open, so no screens, thinking of the future when they may need to use the room in a wheelchair. The builder has said he plans to build it with a concrete floor and then use a 70/90mm screed to form the floor, draining to a drain. But in most of the BuildHub posts, I am reading about formers. is this needed here when he is building the floor from scratch? Included in the quote is;- *To extend existing porch by approximately 4.5m2, exterior bricks and roof tiles to match existing; - *New soil drainage to connect into existing manhole; - *Existing porch window to be converted into wet room door opening and the supply and fit of new door to match existing; - *Window to be re-used in new extension; - We actually just want a small velux in the roof and no windows. also it would be nice to make use of the whole roof space, to add to the spacious feel of the room. *Plastering works to be carried out in associated areas; - *Removal of associated waste. The OH and I plan to do the fit out ourselves once the plumbing, drains, walls etc are done. we can do tiling and plumbing but I have not done waterproofing before. We have used the builder before and know he does a good job, once he starts - the hard part is getting him! I am meeting him on Friday to discuss the build and find out when he can start. Are there any questions I should ask? Any suggestions I could consider? 😃
  6. Figured I might as well ask some questions on the subject of tanking a wet room on it's own thread! Might assist someone else. I have an Aquaseal Large Waterproof Tanking Kit. First off it comes with a "Waterproof Tanking Drain Mat", this: It's about 400x400mm. It's meant to go under / around the shower waste. However, as I'm having a Geberit wall drain that has a membrane built in: I was wondering if I could then use the now spare Drain Mat over the shower mixer?
  7. Fitting my Impey wet room former and am ready to screw it down. However i have read the instructions and watched the video but cannot see them using mastic either under the tray or between the rotating ring and the tray. For those who have fitted an "easy fit" is this right?
  8. On holidays and swmbo announces that she fancies a wet room style shower for the en-suite as she likes the one in the hotel. I have read @Nickfromwales detailed post re tanking and formers. Any idea how this would be done on ground floor when I'm intending to use liquid screed for FFL.