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Found 15 results

  1. Hi everybody. I've been searching for some input and advice on my MHRV system online, and noticed this very helpful site. My wife and I built our house about 5 years ago, and have a loft mounted Regavent Air Unit 600 DC R fitted, and it is this system that we're seeking some input and advice on. Having experience a few warm summers, and having finally read the manual in detail we have learnt more about what the standard 'Summer' mode actually does - namely switch the incoming air supply OFF to allow windows to be opened, rather than provide a bypass to the incoming air heat exchange. Fair enough. However, the ability to have cooler air (i.e. with no heat recovery active) distributed via the system is attractive, not least due to keeping noise, bugs and dust out in the evenings and nights. So, having also learnt that the bypass function was then, and is still now an option (which we would have likely chosen at the time had we been more aware), we're assessing whether this is a possibility to be fitted as an after market solution. The Regavent does not list this as being available as a retrofit - in fact the 'Shop' options do seem pretty limited, suggesting that the company wants to only sell components if they can be sold with a fitting option. Checking back on our old quotations, the bypass was listed as an option but was not costed - again suggesting that some components may have a variable price depending on the deal being struck. Appreciate if anyone on the forum has had any experience of having the bypass option added as an after market fit, either by having Regavent in, by purchasing the equipment themselves or even having a 3rd party system fitted. Many thanks.
  2. Pbb

    Hello all

    Hi everyone thank you for accepting us to your group. Me and my wife are currently working on renovating our home and hope we can share our experiences and get some feedback from those better informed.
  3. Hi all, I'm planning a loft conversion, currently at the design phase. Would welcome any advice, especially from those who have used the Telebeam system. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi All I am about to embark on a renovation and extension self build for the first time. Very daunting. The property is a 1920s solid wall construction and I hope to build the extension using 7nm block laid flat to provide a 220mm solid wall. The whole building will then be wrapped in external wall insulation and faced with brick slips. A MVHR system will control the air exchanges in the completed property. I'm sure that I will have lots of questions along the way so look forward to receiving you feedback both positive and negative but all hopefully constructive. Existing and proposed plans attached. Regards Mark Plans.pdf
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself, and hopefully I can add some value to people. Two years ago I Completed on a property which I completed a medium renovation on, and enjoyed doing it. I done this to a high standard, and the property let out since before the "To Let" sign even got put up. I currently work full time (on Shift) in a different sector, which I do not enjoy. But I like property, business and anything related. I read everyday, and I am constantly learning. So I hope I can add value in one way or another. I may not know the answer, but I might know someone who does, as prior to Covid, I used to regularly network at property events, and sometimes business events. So my plan near in Norfolk, is to hire out Construction related equipment, and find a strong USP (unique selling proposition), as this market is competitive (but I am sure that you are all in competitive fields to, due to the demand). I would love to help anyone in anyway I can, and if you have hired equipment before, I would love to hear what you have rented ect. Especially if it is mini diggers.
  6. Hi everyone, Very happy to join this community. I own a flat in East London, which I want to sell to move to the country-ish. I'm looking to self build but have no experience in it whatsoever. I'm currently researching how to acquire a plot and the legalities around it, no idea whether my expectations are realistic at this stage. I've registered to PlotBrowser and other such databases and also enquiring with some estate agencies. I want to build a small-ish house and I'm very much interested in ready made houses (such as the Manta North ones) or house kits (such as the HebHomes). Has anyone got any experience with these? If I understand correctly with the Manta North houses, I would "only" need to get services connected and the foundation and slab done. Are foundations for small houses like this expensive to do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking forward to interacting with you all. All the best, Sandra
  7. Hello everyone I am at the tail end of two-year renovation of a Grade II listed terraced house. Looking forward to getting advice from members lek28
  8. Hi, appreciate being able to join the forum. I've done some renovations in the past and I am now moving on to doing my first new build ( a daunting prospect!) near Stirling, Scotland. I hope to post a bit about my plans and if I can help others I will try my best.
  9. Hi guys, although I've been a member for a while now there's been no need for me to have any input....until now! First of all...what a fantastic forum! Although I can't pretend to understand a lot of it, I feel I've learned a huge amount which has definitely helped give me the confidence to continue and build our dream house. Someone famous once said 'I know enough to know I know nothing' or some variation of that....I guess that's where I am currently! We've been planning this for many years and doing all the niceties, going to the build shows, reading the glossy mags, drawing up our plans and then re-drawing and re-drawing....over the years we must have made at least 20 versions before getting the Architect involved. We have no previous experience but plan to demolish our existing property and erect a new build. New build will have an ICF Basement with Ground and First floors Timber Frame. We've had our Topo and Eco Survey done although we are awaiting a further Bat Survey in May (money for old rope). I will be attending some ICF courses in the coming months before making a final decision on provider with a view to going to planning in the summer. I've read on here that there's no such thing as a 'stupid question'....I will certainly be putting that theory to the test so apologies in advance!
  10. Hello to self builders. Hoping to join the ranks as a first time self builder, just agreed purchase price on a plot in Herefordshire...every rational thought is telling me no, but I'm pressing ahead anyway... Cheers
  11. Hi, I'm so excited to say hello, as I am just about to embark upon the self build journey. I'm totally green, I've read the theory and now need to learn the reality of it all. My idea of a plot location is Argyle and Bute and the North West Coast of Scotland. I've not approached any owners yet, I'm considering what is available. Currently, my thoughts are a 1.5 floor timber frame with either air source or ground source heating. At this stage I'm wondering if I need a Project Manager? I have read and have been told that: They may be able to help me negotiate the price of a plot. They may be able to advise me to steer clear of a plot. They would have a ballpark idea on the cost of bringing in services. Many thanks for reading my first post. If you have any tips, books, or helpful guidance, I'd be very grateful. Chris
  12. Hi, I am a bricklayer of 40 yrs experience, including 25 yrs of general building works, extensions, bungalows, houses, etc, for a variety of different clients, in both France and Spain. I, after a long term relationship breakup, live and travel in my motorhome, still working for various clients all over the UK. I'm happy living this nomadic lifestyle,which gives me both the freedom to work anywhere, and also to see parts of the UK and Europe i would never have seen. Currently based in Canterbury, Kent, and have just finished work for the winter... nice to meet you, Ian.
  13. Hi All, a little bit of tick infested Shropshire is now ours after waiting one year for the purchase to go through. We are doing a brick clad timber framed house on a serviced plot.
  14. Hi All, Let me begin by saying a big Thank you to all the contributors in this forum (and the old eBuild) for the wealth of information & invaluable advice provided. I have spent the last 4-5 months reading a lot of the threads and have found they can go 2 ways; they either confirm my thoughts or convince me that I need to do more research on each given topic. I have no previous experience of building and as a first (and hopefully last) time self-builder (I use that term loosely as I will most likely be using a main contractor), I am finding the whole process absolutely mind-boggling and fascinating. We received planning permission in August 2016, but have since changed those plans to the extent that we had to re-apply at the start of December 2016. We are hoping to receive planning permission within the next 2 weeks. If granted, we will be building a 196.5sqM, 2 storey detached house in Newcastle, Co. Down, Northern Ireland. At this stage the build is likely to include the following; (this may change following input from this forum) Block built cavity wall (external 100mm block, 200mm cavity, internal 100mm) Full fill cavity insulation with grey beads & glue Air Source Heat Pump Zoned UFH throughout MVHR Aiming for maximum U-values of 0.15 for Walls & Roof Triple glazed windows Sealed small wood burning stove LED lights throughout I look forward to participating and hopefully contributing in the coming months. JohnW
  15. Evening all, Long time lurker (at least on the old site), first time poster. Firstly just wanted to say thank you to everybody involved in setting up the new site. Was a shock to see the ebuild site no more. Hopefully buildhub will also have such a vibrant community of build experts! About us A couple of years ago we moved into an old bungalow complete with damp issues, dodgy roof and fantastic jungle just outside Alton in Hampshire. The plan at the time was to extend it, numerous quotes and spreadsheets later we decided to wait, save, and start from scratch. So hopefully in the not too distant future (2018) we will start our project. Should be a fun experience managing work, kids, cat and the build, my wife’s got her work cut out. Well back to lurking, and I am sure as the time approaches there will be a ton of idiotic questions. Thanks again for everybody’s generosity with their time, ideas and building knowledge.