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Found 16 results

  1. Hey Guys, Im a Uni Student studying ATD, was wonderings if anyone would be willing to have a look at at some drawings I've produced, Im sure they have lots of errors and I was hoping to minimise them, thanks for your time and any help advice, is much appreciated. The First Detail is a Curtain Wall Foundation Detail, and im getting very confused with Weather proof membrane's. The Second Is my attempt at a parapet detai between the Mansard floor and second floor I know I need to somehow include a gutter which Im also stuck on. If you have any queries feel free to ask, hopefully managed to upload to in the right forum Cheers
  2. Hi I had to remove the glass panels from this quadrant shower cubicle and I'm struggling to get one of the screens back in place properly. The small glass panel is supposed to slide into the wall channel, and some holes in the side of the channel (inside the cubicle) should align with some holes in the frame attached to the glass panel, allowing for some screws to go in and securing the frame in place. My problem is that the frame isn't going deep enough into the channel. Normally I'd take the rubber mallet to it, but I'd probably end up with glass everywhere..... I could try opening up the channel with some quick release grips, but that might cause stability problems, and open up the possibility of future leakage. Alternatively, I could try lubricating the frame a bit with some silicone lubricant - whilst this is unlikely to interfere with the silicone sealant that i'll be applyiing on the inside of the channel where it meets the tray (like how it was when I removed the glass panel), I'm not sure that this is the best approach. Can anyone suggest a better method? Also, the frame on the other side of the glass panel (which has the pivot hinge) was glued to the tray, but as I don't have the original installation instructions, I don't know what adhesive is best to use. What would people recommend? Liquid nails? Thanks
  3. Hi All, I’ve deceived to join the self build journey and we are currently in the process of purchasing a plot of land with full planning permission already granted. I want to get as much prepared while the purchase goes through but not sure on the best course of action. We are opting for a timber frame build and there is no mains gas so leaning towards an ASHP approach. A few burning questions below but please let me know if there’s anything else I should be doing right now. 1) Searches - the solicitor is pushing for me to complete the full set of searches which is going to cost just over £1.3k but not sure if I need these. Looking at the sample reports, not sure what I’d get from it. I’d still need to do a site investigation, contact energy suppliers etc. Are these searches worthwhile? 2) Planning - attached is the existing approved plans. There is a condition to remove permitted development so we want to submit new plans to convert the garage to a granny annex and make the loft a master bedroom/en-suite. If I plan on a timber build, I believe I only need an update concept plan from an architect rather than the full works? 3) Foundations - we have received a quote from one of the timber frame companies to include an insulated foundation which we hadn’t considered. Anybody any experience on this type of foundation and would recommend? Came in at 36k for the foundation so higher than I expected the foundations to cost. 4) Soil Type - as part of the planning, there was a Drainage Strategy completed which briefly touched on the geology of the site. Attached is the result, I can see it references Till which I’ve read is not good for foundations although wondered if anybody could possibly give some more info on this? 5) Site Investigation/Soil Survey - does anybody have any recommendations on companies based Lancaster/North West to complete a proper soil survey? And what the approximate cost of this would be? Many Thanks!
  4. Hello there, my wife and I are exploring the idea of building our own house. We have spent a year looking for a house to buy, but there is sod all on the market that is both a) affordable and b) in the right location. I watched a few episodes of Grand Designs and thought - Thats what I should be doing! Problem is, I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, how to do it or even how to start. We are looking for a plot somewhere in Oxfordshire around the Wallingford/Watlington area, and would want to build some sort of eco-efficient kit house. Size wise - three bed would be ideal, preferbaly with a garage. Garden is not that importnat, alothough some outdoor area for summer barbies would be nice. Any and all help, suggestions, advice, informarion, tips and dos and don'ts gratefully received.
  5. Hi All, I’m building a garden room but it appear one of my timber panels has decided it wants to be a parallelogram instead of a rectangle. I’m sure it was plumb when stood up but never mind. The frame is already boarded with ply and I’m hoping there’s an easy solution to bring it back square other than tear it down. many help is greatly appreciated as the wife is about to notice and the “told you so’s” are about to begin
  6. Hi All, Planning a garden room and I’m at a bit of a crossroads with regards to planning regs. I’m between 15-30m2 and planning to be more than 1m away from my boundaries. Question is I’m at the end of a street therefore my 3rd boundary borders a through road. Does this still fall within. The 1 m rule? thanks
  7. Any Advice? Any Tips welcome. I'm about to embark on a cellar conversation. The basement is dug into the hillside, and is a 19th century listed building. So it's old. The cellar has an external door and 2 small windows to a small courtyard - so it's not entirely submerged. (Pictures attached). It does also get a nice amount of airflow. My plan is to build a stud wall, insulate and line the space will drywall, covering up some of the shoddy surfaces. I hope to keep the left brick wall for some character. The biggest concern is the far left corner (seen in pictures). At some point, it's clearly been very damp, but today and for the last few months, it seems quite dry. I'm no pro when it comes to fixing up spaces like this, so any advice is welcome. My worry is that by tanking this corner and then building a stud wall in front, it might cut off the airflow to that area and subsequently causes the damp to return. Would this be the case? Should I somehow integrate a vent for airflow to continue, or should I point all the damaged brick work and then stud wall? It's a hefty job, but I really want to turn the space around. If anyone has any advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you! Freddie.
  8. Hi one and all, Bricklayer who's back on the trowel now after an extended break. I love the site and it's great how helpful people are. I'm hoping to help people where I can but to also learn and relearn as I'm a few years out of the game. I look forward to chatting. Cheers
  9. Hi everyone, I'm a bricklayer who's back on the trowel after several years away from the game and I must say I'm finding it tough. The physical side of it is fine (after a few hard weeks mind) but it's the information / theory side I'm finding most difficult. Even the bonding of blockwork (blockwork so far has been 80% of my work) I find a bit difficult being truthful. Has anybody had any similar experiences? How did they find it? Did you feel like I do sometimes, like your serving your time all over again? ? Would anybody recommend any literature for me to read? Also, regards to quantifying blocks - how would you do it? Lets say I was asked to build a block (440 x 215 x 100) on edge shed and they sent me the dimensions of the slab that they wanted it built on Do I just add the length and width of the proposed building, multiply this figure by 2 and then multiply that figure by how many courses high it is going? I then deduct the door and window from this figure. Now if they now wanted to change the spec of the shed to cavity work with a 100mm inner leaf, 100mm cavity and a 100mm outer leaf how would I calculate how many blocks they would need for the outer leaf? This is probably a really basic question but I just cant get me head around it! ? Genuine thanks for anybody who replies. Cheers, IR.
  10. Hi everyone,my first time on here, im in the process of buying a 1975 timber framed house,,, I've been left to believe that there is no Insulation in the cavity walls, I am thinking removing the inside plasterboard and replacing it with kingspan k118 ,,, does anyone know whether this will be ok to use? I would also like to know if there is anything else I can use within the cavity? My local council are as much help as a chocolate teapot!! Regards Michael
  11. Hi All, I have a bit of a mystery to solve and wonder if anyone has seen this before. My property has an extension that mirrors the original property in design, however is made with a cavity brick construction (approx 1910) on the left side of the column, which is connected to a solid brick wall construction on the right side from the mid 1800s. From what I can tell, the join for these two different construction types is hidden by a column that is pinned in place and is floating? The foundation for the join goes into my basement kitchen and doesn’t lookout of place. Outside this column appears to hover off the ground. Which as you can see in the attached picture is weird? I have dug out 3-4 brick course down and put some concrete in place to link this outer column to the ground. The missing brick in this picture was knocked off by accident by the lawn mower. The missing course underneath this has always looked like this and as far as I know been there since it was constructed. Before I add the missing course, has anyone seen this before or can explain why the wall was built like this? thanks
  12. Has anyone used or know any information about Log Home Scotland, their web page has some great log home kits http://www.loghomescotland.co.uk but I'm struggling to find any reviews etc, can anyone here help?
  13. Hi all, I've come across this forum and am pleased to have joined as it appears to be a great resource - and boy do I need some help and guidance haha! We own (well the bank does) a semi-detached property in Surrey and have recently employed a company to create planning and building regs drawings and to act as our agent throughout these processes. Ultimately, we are on a tight budget so will be seeking all tips and advice that I can get my hands on. I have tried to do much research so for instance, will be keeping the extension very square to keep costs at a minimum. Unfortunately I have been furloughed (albeit very grateful for the support I'm receiving under this scheme) so have taken the questionable decision to progress the build with some speed so that the budget we do have, isn't squandered away on our monthly living costs. I'll worry about the other side on the other side. There are a few things that I could do with some general advice on and any relevant tips too please. If any of you can help with the below then please do let me know... - Does anyone have a detailed list/spreadsheet which breaks down the numerous areas of costs associated with such builds that you'd be happy to share with me please? - Some people are suggesting not to serve notice under the 3rd party wall act. I am reluctant to take this approach but am concerned that my neighbour may well try to frustrate this process at every opportunity so as much as I'd like to work constructively with them, I suspect that they are unlikely to help to keep this as simple as possible. Any tips here please? I will be building within 3 metres of their outbuilding but not there main house and I will be retaining side access of at least one metre. - Is it generally cheaper to get a builder to complete all works or to firstly source contractors/companies for the elements where I have contacts (e.g. I know a roofer, a Gas Safe engineer, an electrician etc.). I will ultimately compare options like for like but wondered if anyone has some loose guidance here. Thanks in advance and I look forward to receiving as much info as possible.
  14. Hello – total newbie here please be kind! I’m looking for advice, articles and past experience when it comes to getting planning permission on agricultural land and/or purchasing land from family. The land in question is a small segment of a much larger 30+ acre agricultural land used for cattle, residing directly next to a property that was built for my family in the 80’s, which gives me hope on getting planning permission on my own build. I’m not really sure where to start and the costs involved so any help would be appreciated!
  15. I have an issue with my stairs that I would like to try and solve. It looks as though an extension has been added to my 19th Century Welsh Terraced Cottage. At some point the loft of the extension has been converted into a bedroom. The issue I have is that the doorway to the bedroom is off the main stairs. When you enter or leave the room there is a big drop onto the stairs, which is dodgy at times, especially when you’re tired or in the middle of the night. I have attached some pictures of the stairs from the bottom then the doorway onto the stairs. Any ideas would be helpful. Many thanks
  16. That’s exactly what it feels like! Builders have said they have a weeks worth of jobs to do, there’s been a hold up with the staircase, nobody signed it off, the architect came out and did all the calcs and I asked him to contact staircase firm with them, at the same time I emailed them and told them architect was going to contact them but I did feel they needed a visit to see what they were dealing with, this was on August 29th , they never answered me and I took it all was in hand, however I decided to phone them last week as they had said it would be ready beginning of October, f**k, the architect didn’t get back to them and instead of them getting on to me they just let it lie. So now we’re looking at another 4-5 weeks for it appearing, it’s odd that a hand built kitchen can be done in a fortnight but a staircase takes so long. Since I’d not been upstairs we got a cheap staircase and joiners fitted it so I was pleasantly surprised at how the upstairs looks, my mind had been playing tricks on me regarding this but all was well. Hubby has taken over the drain installation as when the builders started to dig with a small machine it was quite obvious they hadn’t a clue what they were doing, a lot of them seem to be jack of all trades! The kitchen is in and we await the corian, once this is done the painter comes along to hand paint it, it’s just under coated at present, it’s a mix of oak and painted, looks good so far and the installer spent 6 days installing, a lot of attention to detail. The electricity is coming on October 22nd , we almost lost that slot because BT were booked in for the same week and wouldn’t work with SP energy, this was going to be a problem because the next available date for the contractor was end of November, in the end I had to cancel the phone connection to enable the power company to get in first but the chap who’s the contract manager has been fantastic and has agreed to put our water duct in at the same time. Most of our problems on this build have been with the utilities, something we’d not come across before as we had water and power on site in previous builds. It’s not been easy living in the caravan this last 5 months and oddly enough we have had little help from family who pay a duty call once a month, most of our help has come from people who were strangers until we started this, I don’t know where we would have been without the lovely lady who bought our cottage, she has provided water, power and even her shower in the cottage, it just makes you reevaluate things!
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