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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I have a new underfloor system which got 4 zones, although they are quite close and not really necessary to split. I wonder how I can control it best via Tado and or Alexa. I would like to turn the underfloor heating off when a max temp reached and/or over night. As I have 4 zones it looks like I would need 4 wired Tado Thermostats, which is crazy. Is there not a way to turn of for example the pump via Tado. or if not can I just turn of the pump with a smart socket using the thermostat temperature via Alexa for example? Thank you in advance for your thoughts
  2. I seem to have developed a measure of tinnitus as (probbaly) a side effect of last winter's lurgy. Unfortunately that means that in addition to struggling to hear the microwave hum and warming drawer click, I am now running TVs and Alexa at nearly maximum volume, with a couple of surprisingly good <£40 bluetooth speakers for when I am outside. When this has all calmed back down I'll talk to a doc about it, but I am also going to need to tweak the sound system, Currently Alexa is an Amazon Echo G3. Can anyone advise on the best upgrade path? I think I want a second base (I think they can pair), or something that will give me a bit more amplitude with little loss of quality, I guess there are perhaps 3 rooms plus outside where it would be nice to have sound at this stage. I am not an audio geek, and all suggestions are welcome. I won't be buying SONOS, due to their previous loyal customer shafting activities. Cheers Ferdinand
  3. I have to face facts: my mobility is reducing a good deal more quickly than I'd like. And sometimes the mobility I do have is accompanied by a reasonable amount of pain. My memory isn't what it once was either. I regard this new phase in life as just another challenge to be faced and - if not beaten - then dealt with crisply. By accident I bumped into IFTTT. Also by accident we renewed our Amazon Fire Stick recently, and that comes with Alexa built in. Curious as ever, mucked about with it. Didn't take long to make the link between the two..... Yeah, I get it: ya don't get owt for nowt. There are - for some - security or privacy concerns which outweigh any perceived advantage. I accept that. But when you need to work out how to get back up again before bending down to pick up the hen's eggs: when, before descending into a trench, you work out which ladder will be the least painful to use: when you for the first time realise that you can't be sure who rang you when and on what date ... its time to harness a bit of creative thinking. Voice activation has to be part of my future because it will help reduce the number of sources of pain. Please can we discuss on this thread POSITIVE reasons for opting in to either IFTT and Alexa or IFTT and Google Assistant? Maybe there's another voice activated technology which you know about that might help control simple parts of our lives?
  4. Does anyone have any experience of writing new 'skills' for Amazon's virtual assitant, Alexa? My father in law has completely lost his mobility in recent months and is nearly dying of boredom so I've bought him an Amazon Fire 7 tablet so that he can listen to talking books on it. The tablet comes with the virtual assistant, Alexa, the same as on the Echo device but activated slightly differently. Alexa can be used on the tablet to activate Kindle and Audible books, but nothing that's not propriety to Amazon such as RBDigital that is available from public libraries. I've gone through the tutorial on the Amazon Web Service (and signed up for a free account there) but it doesn't seem to link in to specifying using another app on the device. Although my father in law could learn the tablet screen controls, he struggles with them due to his hands which are very large and now arthritic, hence my thoughts that voice controlled would be a lot easier for him. Any thoughts or hints would be much appreciated.
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