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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. recoveringacademic

    Time for a proper drill.

    By chance I have the very Bosch SDS+ (note the +) The key thing to look for is soft start - sometimes called a clutch I think. The Bosch has a switch built into the handle (marked 75%). It spools up slowly and disengages instantly when ( for example) you hit a bit of rebar. For that one feature alone I am eternally grateful. Other makes have the same feature, but it tends to be on the slightly more expensive versions. Your wrists will thank you one day.....
  2. recoveringacademic

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    Thats what Sunday's for..... More than enough pallets. Bring it on.....
  3. recoveringacademic

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    Thanks @Pete and @PeterStarck. There's a balance to be held between stairs and ladders. I'm happy with either (or both). The motivation for this post came from meeting one of the people who regularly walk-in past our build. He isn't the fittest guy in the world, but he is intensely interested in what's going on. And always contributes sensible ideas. There's no way he can manage a ladder. And it won't be long before I will be wanting to walk upstairs with kit in my arms - i.e. hands free. There is also a simple design driver (restriction). The stairs go past the top of the wall that supports the staircase. And quite where they finish is , as yet, undefined. Hmmmmmm, yeah, I know..... So a flexible set of 'stairs' is an attractive idea. Flexibility must not compromise safety. I've quite a bit of re-usable 8 by 2 and 6 by 2 knocking around, and too many pallets to ignore. I feel some tooth-sucking coming on while finishing the mezzanine today. (the one where I made a 30 mm mistake  on Thursday)
  4. recoveringacademic

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    As soon often @Onoff hits the spot........ 'twil be a good discussion tonight in the pub. Photos to follow.
  5. recoveringacademic

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    Wot Debbie says. Risk appetite varies, and since I'm operating outside CDM2015 (because this is pure DIY - nobody else will be using then) and I have a huge incentive to stay fit, I expect the risk to be as low as using normal stairs or lower. @nod well I won't be burning mine.... 🤪
  6. recoveringacademic

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    I like controlling risk down to acceptable levels. And I have a huge pile of waste wood. And ever dwindling piggy bank.
  7. recoveringacademic

    Before I break my legs, some advice please...

    You mean you made them from CLS and ply?
  8. I need some temporary stairs. And I have a huge pile of pallets. See where this is going yet? And then I bumped into this. And I have enough lead in my pencil to do it this weekend . But caution suggests I ask the commentariat for comment first
  9. recoveringacademic

    Just another damn error...

    Don't tell me... you fell asleep in her arms.. 🤪
  10. recoveringacademic

    Just another damn error...

    Even I can see that evens things out.
  11. recoveringacademic

    Just another damn error...

    I was glad I didn't do a final check for level when I stopped working on the mezzanine joists last night. I would have had another really bad nights sleep. Look at this.... this is how un-level I managed to nail the joists hanger: no, the red laser line isn't disappearing to infinity, it's 30mm out at one end and 0 on the other - over 2 meters For those of you wondering what self-build does to you - it makes you tired enough to make significant - and sometimes costly- errors All I had to do last night was recognise how tired I was tack the joists in position with cramps and one or two nails go home But no, I had to hammer home 24 nails on the joist hanger with one end of the joist 30mm too low. In the cold light of day it beggars belief . The remedy? Make a 2 meter long stealer piece (wedge) : half a day's work and thank God for Debbie's Christmas cake.
  12. recoveringacademic

    Preliminary plans have arrived

    Interesting. Looks very well thought through. First, compliments on the use of colour - makes the plan much easier to understand. Only one comment about the plan; consider changing the southern dressing room to a mezzanine ..... ?
  13. recoveringacademic

    internal walls

    Yes. Structural support for the stairwell. Cheap, fast, strong.
  14. recoveringacademic

    Costs involved in full planning permission application

    Reading between the lines - maximum bang for minimum buck. Apply for Outline Planning Permission. Forget full planning permission and forget design - that can all be sorted out later. Why do I suggest that? Full PP and design cost more Outline PP. And your taste will change over time. Do you have a site in mind? Sites vary a lot. So will the costs involved.