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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. recoveringacademic

    Small Megabad order

    Ne! - fuer also.....
  2. recoveringacademic

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    My concern is to keep the thread (in truth, all threads ) balanced and factual. And in that respect, expert opinion is highly valued. But danger exists - especially on line - where there is little or no challenge to perceived technical expertise. Currently, we only have direct evidence of one problem install and, as written, second hand reports of others: hearsay. And we have direct reports of many problem free installs. We have to be seen to be objective, fair, and balanced in our treatment of what for many members (and non members) could be an expensive purchase decision.
  3. recoveringacademic

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    In fairness, and in pursuit of a balanced discussion, I would like to point out that Jeremy's opinion is not the only one.
  4. recoveringacademic

    single step trip hazard?

    If you are wondering whether something is a trip hazard : it is. Design it out.
  5. recoveringacademic

    socket set

    @lizzie, you're just like everyone else. You have to start somewhere. You'll use them, and often they'll be fine, and sometimes you'll whisper sweet nothings under your breath because [.... fill in the reason here ....] and when you're next in a shed or Halfords or somewhere like that and you see an offer, you'll buy them - because ' I just need them, and they were on offer anyway ' 🤪 Just like wimmin need an apple corer (when hands and knife will do) or a potato flagellator (when a fork will do) ......
  6. recoveringacademic

    Quick advice please: build up to head of stairs

    Thanks all. Thunder-bolted a wide bearer to the top of the wall : which of course wasn't level - because I hadn't checked back to see the replies. Should'a bedded it in a bit of muck...... Plonka. So I cut a hunk of TR26 and ripped it mm perfect on the table saw. And attached that to the ' wall plate' , set it dead level with a laser. Thanks everyone for the swift responses. Ian
  7. Have a look at this please: The photo shows the joists supporting the (temporary) floor, and the Durisol wall which is at the head of the (currently temporary) stairs. The wall is 100mm short of the level of the top of the joists. I need to build the wall up to that level. There are three ways I can do so With Durisol alone With wood alone With a Dursiol base and timber 'bearer' built into the concrete. My concern is to make the level of the top of this bit of wall exactly the same as the level of the top of the joists. I ask because this is the head of the stairs, and so will be a high-traffic area. And, while I suspect that many of you will mutter ' There 'ee goes overthinking again ' , I'd rather have that than come on here wailing that (say) I wished I'd used a wooden bearer built into the concrete to support the chipboard floor..... The problem with Durisol alone would be that fixing the chipboard directly to concrete is not the best idea. The concrete would have to be perfectly flat and the perfectly level. Concrete shrinks doesn't it? So, it's an all wood bearer fixed into the Durisol as is, or a hefty wooden bearer concreted into some Durisol Wadja fink?
  8. recoveringacademic

    Builder Swindles OAP of £80,000

    It may or may not be. I think the key thing here is to to break the whole thing into little bits, formulate a plan for each bit , and then follow up on them. To make it easier for us to help you, perhaps a short, succinct post about one of your proposed next steps?
  9. recoveringacademic

    New Build Shropshire/Powys border

    My direct experience of ecology as a sector is, that those involved in a professional capacity - while very keen on their subject specialism - are not good at communication. That's a sample size of 8 ecologists. I am not in the least surprised that an architect doesn't mention ecology. The only defence we have is to be fully informed ourselves. That rather reduces the value of employing an ecologist . I now think their value extends to the mere possession of a valid licence to practice. The customer needs to follow up every other detail. As my mate @TerryE says : welcome to skiing in front of the avalanche.
  10. recoveringacademic

    SunAmp : Snog, Marry, Avoid?

    A quick interim summary. Two issues run through this thread the technical discussion and the way the company communicates with its customers One member has reported direct experience of a SunAmp product failing to recharge. That member reports other users' (not necessarily members of BH) similar experience: the unit fails to recharge in a timely manner. Another member reports multiple problem free installs. Given that many readers (let alone members) of this forum appear to be considering purchasing SunAmp equipment, it would appear that the company's communication strategy leaves something to be desired. Technical discussion is on-going. It important to note that units recharged via a hot water source aren't a concern. The problem is with those units linked to solar PV generated energy. The argument is made that intermittent solar energy supply appears to compound the core problem : the unit fails to recharge in a timely way.
  11. recoveringacademic

    Builder Swindles OAP of £80,000

    This is a post that's full of pain. I'm left a bit stunned, and wishing that you had found us in early 2014 - heartily wishing you'd found us much earlier. What do you propose to do now? Please tell us and we'll give you at least a sympathetic ear, but also a series of things you can do to protect yourself from further ' damage '
  12. That cliche grates more than most. Almost as much as this morning's lesson. I'd put in a temporary first floor - made from OSB. And laying the proper chipboard meant that I had to take the OSB up first. The lesson? Never underestimate how well OSB hides screw-heads. What's your building lesson?
  13. The title had me worried for a bit there @lizzie...... It's always good to solve a seemingly intractable problem. Time to enjoy it now! Ian
  14. recoveringacademic

    New Build Shropshire/Powys border

    Welcome indeed! Ahhh, Offa's Dyke country! Sunsets and spectacular dawns round there - from somewhat romanticised memory - , so I'm glad to see you making the best of the South and West aspects. Might there be an argument for (say) a larger terrace round the Eastern aspect so you can watch the gales go past you in the shelter of the house. Just a minor thing you can do at the end of the build... Welcome anyway Ian
  15. recoveringacademic

    Max Gradient

    IC ?