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  1. Alphonsox

    I'm Curious

    Welcome to the forum - "more questions than answers", that's where we all started...
  2. Alphonsox

    Water well advice needed

    The cottage we have just sold had a "feature" well in the dinning room, discovered by my father when he took up the floor to install a damp membrane. In our case we raised the sides with stone to give a glass topped coffee table look. I setup 12v lighting using some old Morris sidelights we had lying around (IIRC) to illuminate the well sides and water level. Needless to say this arrangement never received the blessing of a BCO.
  3. I'm currently trying to finish a new build in Northern Ireland while working a full time job nominally based in Bristol (although I spend a lot of time elsewhere).
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum - I drive through the interchange most days when i'm heading into the office (Parkway) from the Forest of Dean. There are a good few members in the Bristol area.
  5. You might want to check that. Webfusion and Heart are owned by GoDaddy (USA), 1and1 are owned by United Internet (German). I don't know of a link
  6. I'm still using 1and1 as the hosting provider for the sites I support and have not seen any reason to move. They usually seem to be mentioned in the same sentences as OVH and both seem to get reasonable reviews for personal and semi-commercial use. Which one is best suited to your needs is likely to be in the micro-details.
  7. Alphonsox


    Not at all - I got a brace of extinguishers in place as soon as the frame went up, and then another couple once we had trades on site. Like you I figured they would be useful long term.
  8. Probably not the answer for the piles of blocks I've got left over after the build but an interesting and simple idea nevertheless.
  9. Alphonsox

    Hi everyone from Shropshire

    Hi and welcome, Looking forward to the questions.
  10. Alphonsox

    Hi from Dublin

    @Declan52 is our local Armagh representative - please start the thread (probably one for the Ireland board)
  11. Alphonsox

    fire in the house

    If there would be an ideal time in life to start drinking this would be it. Please ask if you need recommendations, there's a wealth of expertise in this area on the forum.🙂 So some specifics please on the incident - - Was the hair dryer switched on at the socket ? - What type of fire alarms do you have ? - Are the MVHR "smuts" in rooms with inlets or outlets ? Finally - take a deep breath and smile - you have been unbelievably lucky.
  12. Alphonsox

    Hi from Dublin

    It depends on the subject - The Ireland sub-forum gets used for issues specific to the island, general issues end up on the relevant subject forums. We don't tend get too hung up on the spit. How's the exchange rate likely to effect your build ? Five years ago we sourced a lot of stuff from the Eurozone, but the dive/rise following the Brexit vote may have well swung things in your favour.
  13. Alphonsox

    Hi from Dublin

    We're building on the Ards Peninsula - Portaferry then go east until you get wet. There's a good number of Irish (North and South) self-builders on the forum. We'll be interested in your experiences, please keep us updated.
  14. Alphonsox

    Fabric and ventilation heat loss calculator

    Try .... and set aside an evening to read the blog at the same site
  15. Alphonsox

    Hi from Dublin

    Hi and Welcome to the forum - We're still trying to complete a build a couple of hours north of you. (and I have no idea what the two of you are talking about)