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  1. Alphonsox

    EURO NCAP * Ratings

    Safety is one of those things that isn't important right up to the point when it becomes the most important thing there is. My mother broke her neck in a crash (at age 82) a few years ago after a lifetime of accident free driving. The tiny, poorly designed car she was driving gave little protection and the impact came close to killing her. From now on safety is high up on my list of "must haves" and I currently drive a small tank.....
  2. Alphonsox

    Hi, new self builders.

    Hi and welcome to the forum
  3. Alphonsox

    Wireless broadband pricing

    Another update, Three UK have removed the tethering limits on their 4G plans ( as mentioned by @readiescardsabove)
  4. Alphonsox

    Wireless broadband pricing

    So just checked with them both and neither of them have coverage where we are. Looks like it's going to have to be EE
  5. Alphonsox

    Fan assisted radiators

    I fitted one in our build - A Dimplex SmartRad - fitted in the annex sitting room. On the lowest setting it is close to silent, almost unnoticeable if there is anything else going on in the room. At maximum output it can be clearly heard but this setting would only be used for heat in a hurry.
  6. Alphonsox

    Wireless broadband pricing

    They're on my list to check-out before I commit to a long term solution.
  7. Alphonsox

    Wireless broadband pricing

    I'm currently using a vodafone mobile broadband (50G - £25) and VOIP works fine (Sipgate). These are intended as fixed installation broadband connections running over 4G. I believe you can do anything you can do with a fixed line.
  8. Alphonsox

    Wireless broadband pricing

    A quick update for anyone still interested in this subject - EE have modified their 4GEE Home service to add a few more options :- 50G - £35 100G - £45 200G - £50 300G - £70 500G - £100 All 18 month contracts including a router. Still an expensive option, but may be the only option I've got.
  9. A reasonably eloquent description of the Irish border problem from someone who lost his father to the gunmen.
  10. Alphonsox

    Are Solar Panels worth it now?

    These are all 4kw systems give or take.
  11. Alphonsox

    new F&B colours

    Go and get Johnstone's to mix some up for you. They have exact colour matches for all F+B paint - Cheaper, a lot easier to apply and a lot easier to maintain.
  12. Alphonsox

    WiFi standards change name.

    Just when you thought you had got your head around the different 802.11 family members the WiFi alliance comes along and changes their names. From now on :- 802.11n becomes Wi-Fi 4 802.11ac becomes Wi-Fi 5 802.11ax becomes Wi-Fi 6 Expect this naming on just about all WiFi enabled gear from 2019.
  13. Alphonsox

    Leasehold plot in Scotland

    Very true - What he is trying to achieve is - To keep my friend as a permanent resident in the village once his current rental house reverts to being yet another holiday let. - To maintain the long term integrity of his estate. My friend wants to stay in the village and has the financing to buy a plot OR to build a low cost home, but not both. A "free" plot would solve this conundrum.
  14. Alphonsox

    Leasehold plot in Scotland

    I think that's probably the case. Any idea what mechanism could be used in place of Leasehold in these conditions ? The landowner wants to maintain a long term interest in the land (part of his huge estate) but wants to help out my friend by providing him a "free" building plot. In England this would be done via leasehold, I can't see what the equivalent would be in Scotland.
  15. Alphonsox

    Leasehold plot in Scotland

    Thanks - that pretty much matches my current understanding of the situation. Just for clarity the landowner has very generously offered the lease to my friend for free to help solve his looming housing crisis ("If you can get planning on this bit of swamp I'Il let you a have 99 lease year for nothing"). Unfortunately both my friend and the land owner are English and seem to have expected English style property law to apply.