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  1. Best source for back boxes & cable

    They approached me and asked if I was trade and whether I want to get a discount. As they didn't specify which trade I showed them my IEEE (the American electronics and computing society) membership card and they smiled back . They seemed to be pretty keen to sign up anyone who could spell "electrician". I think the shop managers may be on some incentive to do so.
  2. Best source for back boxes & cable

    I varies depending on product, moon phase and other unknowns. In the case of the Appleby back boxes the Screwfix bulk price is 46p, the Electric fix price for the same item is 35p so around 24% saving. I used MK for all sockets and switches and bought them from Electrofix in one of their monthly specials. The local trade wholesalers couldn't come close. (And in fact told me that the price I was buying at was below their cost price).
  3. Best source for back boxes & cable

    Check the Electricfix/Screwfix prices - Currently showing 2-gang Appleby 25mm steel back boxes @ 35p in bulk, 35mm@46p. That's cheaper than the LAP units.
  4. Important updates to BuildHub

    The font size on an iPad is set under “settings-general-accessibility”, don’t think it’s adjustable per application.
  5. Check the mobile providers (EE, Vodafone, O2, Three) 4G coverage maps for your location. If you can get 4G then you have a solution. We were quoted 0.5MBit by for a BT landline. Luckily we have 4G coverage, so I installed a broadband router and pay Vodafone £25 a month for 50G. Currently I get around 7MBit, With an external aerial I should be able to get around 20Mbit.
  6. This is not an easy post to write.....

    That is very bad news Ian, You do seem to be getting more than your fair share of bad luck at the moment. Is there another lender you could approach ?
  7. Down the big long lane...

    We ended up using a mix of Builders Merchants. Unfortunately there was not one that was consistently cheaper than the others. We had to keep ringing around and comparing. We ended up using the following BMs:- JP Corry (Down Patrick, Initial Timber), Haldane Fisher (Plaster, Plasterboard Timber, Misc), NG Bell (Sound Insulation, some boarding), We had recommendations from various trades for Bangor Supply and Grahams but never actually used them.We could never get competitive pricing from Murdoch's. Plumbing and tiling was all via Bassets in Bangor. Paint from Johnstone's Bangor. MVHR from BPC, Larne All our driveway crusher run came from North Stone but that was for a significant quantity 3 Years ago. Also bear in mind that we had a primary builder for all stages up to watertight finish so all materials for the slab, timber frame, Insulation, external block work and finish were their issue. This being the case we didn't get involved with purchasing concrete.
  8. Kingspan Heat Pump Problem

    I imported my unit from a plumbing outfit in Germany when exchange rates were better (don't think they are still available). Another member (@joe90) got one directly from Carrier UK.
  9. Kingspan Heat Pump Problem

    Try ;- also a Kingspan branded version on ebay
  10. Hello from an unusually sunny Bonnie Scotland!

    Hi Naj - welcome to the forum
  11. 79 sheets, each 2.4m x 1.2m x 0.012m = 2.7 m3 Density of gyproc = 668 kg/m3 total mass = 668x2.7 = 1823 kg heat capacity = 1090 So around 2Mjoules to raise the lot by 1C which is 0.5 kWh Now do the same calc for the rest of the structure ( particularly the slab) and you'll find things are as pretty much as expected.
  12. Panic not - your structure is absorbing the heat. The specific heat capacity of your structure works both ways. Something that "remained cool" in the summer long after the outside heated up isn't going to change it's behaviour just because you have reversed the hot and cold sides. Our place was exactly the same - once it reached temperature it needed very little energy input to maintain that temperature but it seemed to take a lot of input to get it there. From the other threads you could work out how much energy it would take to raise the total amount of plaster board you have by 1 degree.
  13. As long as you have some proof of purchase they are usually OK. (At least they have been at my local store). As @Declan52 says all your purchase history is online so it's easy to get proof.
  14. Down the big long lane...

    Things are moving forward - that's always good news.