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  1. Alphonsox

    Recomendations for selling plot

    Plot search ( is another option.
  2. Alphonsox

    Chainsaw problem

    +1 for the Aspen stuff, been using it in the Stihl for some years now. EDIT - Amazon seems ridiculously expensive, 5ltrs should be less than £20.
  3. Can you detect aircraft at long range ?
  4. Some great examples of "Don't get Mad Get Even" in bricks and mortar.
  5. Alphonsox

    Mains pipe size, into house

    In a similar situation we dropped to 25mm (from 32mm) for the last 10m. For a normal domestic installation I doubt you'll see a difference.
  6. Alphonsox

    Just Joined

    Hi and welcome to the forum - there's lots of experience in these areas, please ask questions in the relevant sub-forums. Do you have a current project or are you looking to start one ?
  7. Alphonsox

    Low KW boiler needed

    Gas, Oil, LPG, Electric, wood or other ?
  8. For some reason there always seems to be a lot of AICO kit on ebay - I got most of my stuff from there.
  9. Alphonsox

    Discount Offers of the Week

    You have done exactly what I did - failed to RTFM 🙂 You get to the proportional pressure curves as described below.
  10. Alphonsox

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Interesting - Which model number did you end up going for ?
  11. Alphonsox

    Discount Offers of the Week

    Have you got them on the correct curves/settings. I found mine was noisy on the constant speed curves but got a lot quieter on the proportional pressure curves. (also got rid of the water hammer issue I was having).
  12. Alphonsox

    Discount Offers of the Week

    We've got two Grundfos pumps in the system. The UPS2 unit (radiator pump) can be heard when running. The Grundfos Alpha2 fitted to the UFH is completely silent. The only way to tell its running is the LED power display on the front cover.
  13. Alphonsox

    Neighbour protocol/ tree problem.

    Are you kidding 😮 - Spray the gin in your face and forget the cats. Edit - Cross posted with @Declan52
  14. Alphonsox

    Neighbour protocol/ tree problem.

    Ah yes Glyndŵr - the London lawyer who fought for the English Crown against the Scots. (A usefully iconoclastic bit of information to have when dealing with the excessively Welsh 🙂)