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  1. I had the same problem with a Siemens glass cermaic hob (dropped a full jar of honey on it from a height). It turns out that the glass top plates can be replaced as a single item. Cost me around £100 IIRC. A few hours with a screwdriver and a large dose of blind optimisim and it was as good as new. - contact the manufaturer and see what parts are available, you're not the first to have done this.
  2. What’s for dinner?

    To be fair it’s Pi(e) day as well as steak and other events day
  3. What’s for dinner?

    Recipe for today......
  4. More Pi

    Both available on HATs though..... The thing I would want to see is an upgrade to the storage options - USB3 and/or SATA in some form would be good. The current USB2 implementation is looking very long-in-the-tooth.
  5. More Pi

    The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ has been released today Changes include faster processor and ethernet, dual band WiFi. Most interesting for me is the news that it is POE capable with boot over ethernet support.
  6. sign off for completion

    Have you got the ramped wheelchair access in place ? or is that still waiting to be solved as part of the quagmire ?
  7. Import from Ebuild Thought I would share this find, I can't be the only one trying work out these issues..... I have been trying to decide where to place my Solar PV array. The available choices are either ( A) on the main roof of the house or ( B ) on the roof of the garage behind the house. ( A ) Is "aesthetically challenging" according to both my architect and my wife but is south facing with no overshadowing. ( B ) is visually more acceptable but could be overshadowed by the main house. ( B ) was the preferred option but I needed to asses the extent of the overshadowing during the year. It turns out that SketchUp allows you to do this very easily. First tell SketchUp where in the world your house is situated (Window - Model Info - GeoLocation) and enter latitude and longitude. Secondly enable the shadow tools (Windows - Shadow). Use the sliders to vary the date and time of day The attached file shows the shadowing at noon in January.
  8. I used Sketchup to model the shadow fall over over our garage roof for PV purposes.
  9. And then there was none.

    Good news, just in time for spring
  10. LPG (until Mains gas available) or Oil?

    To be honest I couldn't fine a reasonably priced ASHP installer in NI when I looked, I'm sure they're out there somewhere. My intention is/was to self install an ASHP system at some point. I was extremely lucky to acquire a couple of Kingspan units for a very low price when they got out of the market - They're currently at the back of a friends shed awaiting installation. Our build is close to Passive spec with UFH downstairs currently fed from a 3kw immersion heater run from E7. The slab acts as a very big storage heater, warming up overnight and cooling slowly during the day. Over the last few weeks we have had to top this up in the evening but overall E7 has largely been a very successful heating mechanism. That being said - if we had had the option of natural gas then we would have used it. You're welcome to drop in and have a look around, PM me if interested.
  11. LPG (until Mains gas available) or Oil?

    We went through the same considerations with our Co Down build a couple of years ago. At the time LPG was prohibitively expensive in NI (I doubt that has changed ) so I would only consider this as a short term option if you were certain that Natural Gas was going to turn up. I guess the plus point is that the conversion from LPG to NG will be a relatively simple switch. As a potential stopgap until the NG arrives how about heating the whole place plus DHW with electricity on E7. It will be more expensive than oil to run but would be very cheap to install. The PV market in NI is dysfunctional at the moment, like you I have wiring in place to make use of if sanity breaks out at any point in the future.
  12. Is it worth adding more memory?

    It's not - My windows machine is Windows10 and I see exactly the same issues. The Linux machines are fine.
  13. Is it worth adding more memory?

    Apparently there is an about:memory page to get detailed memory usage information in Firefox.
  14. Is it worth adding more memory?

    I'm now at 1.8G, so certainly no better and may actually be worse.
  15. Is it worth adding more memory?

    According to the Mozilla release calendar version 59 is due to be released in 3 day time (13/3/2018). I've just downloaded the v59 Beta version to see if there's any difference.