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    I wholly agree with the idea of doing as much yourself as you can, for much the same reason, learning something new. I had a fair bit of worry over our setting out, despite having checked and double checked that the critical stuff was in the right place. Just as well I was so concerned about getting things in the right place, as we ended up with a foul drain stack coming up closer to the inside edge of a wall than I really wanted. My fault for thinking that having it within ~±30mm would be OK, it really needed to be within about ±10mm of where it needed to be.
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    CM or MM...???!! 30cm is a big amount to be out of square....
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    Shouldn't be a problem. The diagonals are only out by 30cm , should be alright I think. 😋 But I can't wait until Digital setting out is finally available for cheap. Would make life so much easier.
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    Good god ! It looks like your building a supermarket by the size of the worksite..... I would have already been taken away to the funny farm by now if it was my site. I wish you the best of luck, you must have nerves of steel. Will be watching with interest.
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    It was a Joke @PeterW . Thanks for worrying.(out by 3mm max )
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    Hope it goes well. Let us know if it ends up triangular 🙂
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