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    Here's my understanding, corrections welcome: 1) Septic tank: does anaerobic digestion. Produces output which needs to go to a reed bed, leach field or whatever for final treatment. Discouraged in this day and age; you can keep an existing one but likely can't put in a new one. 2) Treatment plant: does aerobic digestion so needs some means to get oxygen to the wee beasties doing the digestion which can be a pump blowing air into the soup or some other method. Output should be clean enough that it can in theory be discharged straight into a watercourse but SEPA, at least, want something else in between to do a bit more treatment if something goes wrong.
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    rigggghhhhttt. All sort of makes sense then. So assuming you have a ditch/reed bed or whatever else to discharge into, and it's suitably sized, you don't have to connect your house to the mains sewer. And in respect of stuff like shower gel. toothpaste, dishwasher detergent etc etc, does this have the same effect as bleach as you mentioned above @joe90? Is the solution if SWMBO goes mad cleaning one day to simply have a massive takeaway or invite the neighbours over for a dump party one night, and top the bacteria up so to speak?
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    Do not know if this is useful but thought I would post for anyone thinking about doing a self build. Here is a break down of my fee's I have to pay before I start building. My help someone trying to estimate their costs. This is for a 4 bedroom house 280 m2 detached house The legal work was complex Fee Payable To Payable When Amount Local Authority Planning Fee East Ayshire Council Planning Submission £500.00 Architectual Plans ATW Planning Submission £2,375.00 Building Control Drawings ATW Building Warrant submitted £2,375.00 Egineering drawings ???? Building Warrant submitted £1,100.00 Building warrant East Ayshire Council Building Warrant submitted £2,228.40 Additional Security Fee BuildLoan At the start of the loan - non-refundable £1,120.00 Build Store Arrangement Fee BuildLoan Applied for mortgage - non-refundable £695.00 Completion Fee Newcastle Building Society Fee has been paid - non-refundable £995.00 Product Reservation Fee Newcastle Building Society Fee has been paid - non-refundable £199.00 Valuation Fee Newcastle Building Society Fee has been paid - non-refundable £340.00 Mortgage Discharge Fee Newcastle Building Society At the end of the Loan - non-refundable £125.00 Solicitors Fee Wallace Quinn At end of conveyancing £2,116.00 Structual Warranty Build Zone Through Out the build £3,940.00 Site Insurance Before Completion £342.12 Thanks
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    Christ I bet he didn’t even have the slightest hint of bum fluff when you started that job! 😂
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    Lying in the bath with a beer listening to Deadmau5's Strobe just letting it build! OK I'm fully clothed and I daren't pan down for all the crap but it's going to be pucker when done. Couldn't resist getting the lights in. Comment from a mate: "It’s not like a blacklight and shows all the stains does it? 😂"
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    In Scotland SEPA still allow you to register a new septic tank.
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    New septic tanks are still allowed, at least they are in England & Wales Extract attached below is from the current Welsh building regs which are very similar to the English ones:
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    Good luck Russ, we orginally posted this question and in the end, we withdrew from the plot purchase. There was problems with trees increasing the foundation depths and the fire access problem, and the access was not great. I am hoping you dont have that many issues and you can come up with a solution.🙄
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    We I have purchased it and got a good deal I think. Paid £342 for a 18 month cover and the insurance will convert to cover the build when I start. The will also take the £342 off the cost of the new insurance as long as I do not claim. This was through Self Build UK
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    Yes. You have to take into account the extra dead load when sizing the joists.
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    That'll be really cheap for us.... we give our chickens biscuit mix, they don't need a plate either - goes down a treat wherever..... Whassa biskit mix then Dave?
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    Oh what a stupid Bear-With-A-Small-Brain I am. Thats what tiredness does to you: obscures the obvious. Both our bedrooms have windows (tilt and turn - thanks to Craig at Gaulhofer [Ecowin] for suggesting it) that are also doors. Now that @Ferdinand has pointed out that I can (might be expected to) install the fall-prevention outside the house the doors could easily form access to a juliette balcony. Otherwise called fall prevention..... Duhhhhhhhh. Better break out the stainless threaded bar and the resin pronto.
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    aaahhhhhhhhhhhh I've just been poking around @Redoctober's blog (loving it by the way) and again even though not ICF, in relation to the floor system/UFH buildup/biscuit mix - is this what you mean (check pictures)
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    Sorry, misread that. Don’t blame you as I am now going to bury mine to 1/ hide it. 2/ make it quieter. With regards costs because of very wet ground conditions and my JCB weighing soooo much I had to get a contractor with a tracked digger in to bury it and back fill with concrete. At least I was able to use my JCB to load concrete into my dumper and get it round the site to him, I paid about £1100 for contractor and concrete ( a lot of concrete as had to back fill right up to ground level because of the very high water table. As an additional note, the contractor was worried about digging the hole as on a previous job near me when he got to the last ft or so of the hole he broke into a water table and the hole filled with water very quickly, took two diesel pumps to keep the water out of the hole and much more concrete as the sides fell in. I think I was lucky.
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    We have a Biopure fitted. Much of a muchness in terms of performance to the others listed. I was somewhat restricted in what I could get delivered to my location. Having seen @ProDave installation, it has the added benefit of a separate emptying point, i.e. you do not have to take off the main lid / remove the air blower to empty it, which you do with the Biopure (if you choose to house the air blower in the unit rather than remotely). I didn't want to have to remotely house the air blower which ruled out the Vortex, although on the plus size it does have a built in sample point and a system for adjusting the amount of air going into the unit.
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    Ours is a WPL diamond DMS2 but the air blower plants are all fairly similar. It's the installation detailing where they tend to differ. We have a Harveys block salt water softener which discharges into our utility room waste and into the treatment plant. We've had the treatment plant installed nearly nine years without serious problems.
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    Welcome. Make sure the capacitors are motor rated.
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    Planning and Building control are separate issues... Planning: Once you have planning permission it can only be changed in very exceptional circumstances and in some of those the planners have to pay compensation. This isn't one of those situations. The planners have no mechanism to change your existing approval but the issue could be raised should you make a revised application or a new application. For example if you needed planning permission for the garage then the fire brigade could object then. If you don't need planning approval to build the garage then they have no opportunity to object on those grounds. That's why its important to know if you can build the garage under permitted development rules (which are complicated if its near the plot boundary). Building Control: The BCOs job is to ensure your house meets the Building Regulations. It sounds like he noticed you couldn't comply with Part B and contacted the fire department to see if they would give him an excuse to bend the rules in your favour. As it happens they said no. So you will have to come up with some solution. In my case we discovered a window was too small. The BCO allowed us to keep the small window on the proviso that we improved the fire rating of the door to that room. Eg he bent the rules for us. If you provided a turning circle now that would keep the BCO happy but it might cause problems later when you need him back to approve the garage and he finds your house no longer complies. . Th
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    https://www.drainageshop.co.uk/sundries.html @Weebles
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    It would be making work to virtually complete the ground floor Then start the first floor It would Quicker and cost effective to first fix both together and lees likely to damage newly painted plaster on the ground floor
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