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    Hang an equivalent wreath on the inside and attach to the ribbon to counterbalance it
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    Following on from finishing our blockwork a few weeks ago, our brickie came back the next week and fitted the concrete cills. We then had a short wait before before our joiners could come back on site and fit the remaining Siberian larch cladding. Here are some photos. The next exterior job will be rendering, but with the winter weather it might be some time before this can be done. Our attention will now be concentrated on getting the house to 1st fix, fitting the insulation is the first job on the list.
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    Ooh, then battery powered LED Xmas lights going up the lines. Patent pending. 🤠
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    But newhome what I mean is I don't have the luxury of '3 for keeping warm' (I wish!). My minimum, is '1.. for a fast simmer'. I can't put it to 0.5 as its a switch on-off pot that 'bumps on' @1. To slow simmer I have to park pan 2/3rds off- 1/3rd on, & even so the heat catches the side if left for 10mins. The max side of dial is n/a, as I only need to get to city-wok-hot, which I get to @ 5 (so half of dial 'range' is suspiciously redundant..). Anyway, most of tiling done.. damn nasty job @ sockets without electric cutter (but drill bits great- yet another Onoff essential buy!). Not a perfect job, walls badly out means annoying gap at the corner, & fiddly slivers I can't seem to cut to finish the LHS edge.. but progress/ spurred me on for the ~last leg this week. Thanks chaps!
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    Suction hook near top, inside of door with ribbon loop going over to where you want the wreath and a little 's' hook or more ribbon for the wreath itself. Less likely to fall off if hook on inside
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    Been watching a few of these recently. It's a US series where, I think, they usually look at renovations, but the last series on Home has been a new factory-made house. I find it far more interesting than the UK series as they go into some detail on many aspects of the build. For example, showing you how to lay out and attach shingles (not that I can ever imagine wanting to use shingles!). They can do this as they cover each job over a number (many?) programmes. The house in the current series was wrapped in Raindrop 3D, which Kingspan don't seem to sell in the UK. This appears to allow you to clad directly on to it (without using battens), as its surface has drainage channels. On another programme I've seen them using a plastic mesh over a membrane rather than battens. Last week they poured the walls of an open-sided basement and unless I misheard they shuttered and poured all in one day. They used reusable shuttering. Terminology is different too. Building code rather than regulations, R values rather than U values, different term for MVHR (but can't remember what). It looks like Home may not be showing any more in the current run, but I've watched some from season 40 online. PS I have absolutely nothing to do with the programmes, UKTV, or Kingspan. Just found them interesting and could find only one very specific reference to them on here
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    Plastic coated door? Suckers! Random eBay image: eBay, Amazon, Wilco etc. Available in different diameters. https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-suction-hooks-30mm-20pk/p/0344714?
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    I use stick on cable fixings ( a BT product that I acquired when I worked fir them)
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    So your looking to do a self build and from what it seems from your post you wanted to go for a timber frame but as your architect likes block your going to go that way. It's your money paying for the build so go and do your research and tell him that to draw up the plans to suit your choice. If it's timber then fine. Most timber frame companies will offer you certain packages with a u value to suit your budget and a max target for airtightness that they guarantee they will hit.
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    Yes but the Steibel is the "safety net" If you are the unlucky one that has the last shower and it runs cold, then the Steibel will let you finish your shower and get the shampoo out of your hair, but you might have to turn the flow down a bit to maintain an acceptable temperature. That is it's purpose, and sounds infinitely better than nothing but cold water to rinse your hair. That is all it is for, nothing more nothing less.
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    +1 to 3M Command Strips, we use them all the time, much easier than anything else unless it's really heavy. You can get the hooks in clear plastic now I believe.
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    The sticky things are not strong enough for mine......Blue Peter badge holder needed
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    Two drawing pins into the top ( top not face ) of the door and some fishing line between the two as a cradle.
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    Screed to falls...that was a bloody good idea! Got a pic of the problem area?
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    they also do another version without the hook, where there are two halves for the wall and the pic, and the adhesion is like Velcro.
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    Not a silly question We had the same dilemma last weekend Our neighbour bought us a lovely Wreath and we thought we can’t just not put it up If there’s a way to attach it I couldnt find it 😀
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    The whole point of this particular heater is it only operates when needed. If the input temperature already meets it's set point, it will not heat it. So in the Mac D case they could just do as I have done and have it in the output of the UVC with no need for changeover valves. As to flow rate, the fact the shower, all plumbed in 15mm and now passing through the "restrictions" of the heater, can still deliver 17L per minute says flow rate is not an issue. If I were plumbing this again, I would have used standard ballofix valves for the showers, not the full bore ones, that would have reduced the shower flow a bit. I don't want to heat the tank water any hotter from the ASHP I am trying to get the best COP and least defrosting possible from that. Shortly I will be installing solar PV. For much of the year excess from that will keep the tank hot so I would then expect this run out of hot water to only be an occasional winter problem, which the Stiebel Eltron will deal with. A case of making it a robust system that will cover all eventualities. Like @joe90 I anticipated I might need this (thanks to @JSHarris for originally finding this particular heater and suggesting the idea) and had already installed a 10mm cable and spare rcbo in the consumer unit.
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    It is good to know I am not the only one @lizzie
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    One of the reasons I wouldn't fit one. This is a case of prevention is better than cure IMO. Just hit the immersion and job done, thats if you actually need it thats is. A 300L UVC set up correctly should give bags of DHW. Lets say Joe Blogs asks for one to be fitted. All up I bet you'd be in for a minimum of £500.00 £500 worth of electricity would get you around 3,500 kWh of juice. Put that through an ASHP and use a multiplier of 2.5 ( SCoP ) and you have ~8,700 kWh to spend on "boost". You then dont have to worry about running out of water and telling the family to slow the flow down when you run out of hot water Turn up the stat Dave ! Case dismissed.
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    @Jude1234 funnily enough I have exactly the same question! LOL
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    If it’s fairly smooth then you can use something like the 3M command strip hooks as they don’t mark when you remove them.
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    I’m with @Nickfromwales on this one. I’ve set one of these up to go to 52c on the ASHP but boost to 65c overnight on E7 using the immersion. That will take about 85 mins with 3kw immersion and cost around 35p at low rate. Using the 8.8kw Stiebel in-line during peak time would allow me to only use it for 10 minutes for the same cost so that’s a very short shower. I would also have a cold tank and still need to boost every time for hand washing etc. so it will cost more over the day too.
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    I'll have you know I swing both ways! Can't beat a drop of Chateauneuf-du-Pape...now where's that pint pot... Wine, beer, just haven't touched spirits for over 30 years now.
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    When I open my eyes in the morning ... the box is there because some bozo has a floodlight set to come on at dusk and stay on all night.
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