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    Here's how I fixed our terminals - the plasterboard is cut around it, before the pipe is trimmed off prior to skimming. The Airflex stuff from BPC is very good by the way - fits together well and is well made.
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    Only one party in NI worth voting for. At least they admit they are clowns.
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    As long as the SNP send fewer MP's to Westminster I will be declaring it a success.
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    Hello All, An update on this saga, so busy lately with finalising everything so have not logged in for a long time. Couple of days ago, as I was moving some stuff into the house, I happen to accidentally meet the neighbour in question as I was going back to my car. He politely greeted me, and to my surprise, we had a very enjoyable conversation lasting over 30 mins. In the end, he asked me if I was happy if he parked his van in an angle (so that it would not obstruct my entrance), so in the end, all went well so the stress is over!!! Only thing left is to get rid of the parking marks
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    Given that 'none of the above - please find someone with both a brain and charisma' is not on our ballot paper, standing back and looking at this I believe that the choice tomorrow is more hobson-esk than ever and John Yossarian would have recognised the challenge we face. That's some catch that catch 22. May will not do a good job of brexit or UKPLC because she is weak and works in continual appeasement mode just going into reverse when faced by any resistance. A bigger majority will result in larger factions who know that the lady can be turned over. Corbyn won't do a good job of brexit or UKPLC because he has no leadership bone in his body and his party is so factionalised that making headway in any direction will be as difficult as it will be for May. Any of them will blame the Europeans for a poor brexit while in fact we probably deserve a poor brexit because leaving the EU was the ill thought through result of tory infighting rather than a thoughtful, planned, structured and mutual parting of the ways which had we any real leadership it could have been and too everybodies benifit into the bargain. Que sera sera.
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    Thats the point that I would genuinely consider emigrating.
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    THIS is a plenum, actually two of them.
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    We use the water from the dehumidifier - never had any issues.
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    Slightly unrelated but I have found a very effective way of preventing irons from scaling up. Use the condensate water from a condensing tumble dryer. This water is devoid of any salts and I have managed to use the same iron for 10+ years now without any problems. In fact its sort of cleaned up an old partially scaled iron
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    One thing you might want to do is change or update the "service address" at the LR. Few years ago the LR was under fire for allowing people to change LR records with little proof of ID. They now write to the service address before change of ownership but if that address is wrong it makes it easier for the fraudsters.. From 2009.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7971995.stm
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    My understanding is that there is no need to do this until the house is sold, at which time the Land Registry record will be updated. This is the same as applies when a house that isn't on the Land Registry records is sold. A couple of year ago a friend sold a house that had been owned by his parents since the 1960's, and so wasn't registered with the Land Registry, and it wasn't a problem, it was just registered for the first time as a part of the purchase process by the solicitor acting for the purchasers. Compulsory Land Registration didn't come into force until 1990 in England and Wales, so there are still quite a lot of unregistered properties around, that only get registered as they are sold.
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    Good record hoods have two filters - first set in the hood itself where they catch the grease and muck and ideally these are stainless mesh so you can bung them in a dishwasher. Second filter is either just before or just after the fan and are activated charcoal to catch the smells. @ryder72 probably has some good examples.
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    I've not been in town to see how the build is going for weeks. So I had to sneak into my own site today. There has been a nice amount of progress. I am loving the double height spaces and the glass front to the upstairs landing. Master bedroom looking back towards the dressing room. Chimney breast and glazed gable in the master bedroom. View from upstairs landing. Double height upstairs study, when I was in here I wondered about putting in a roof window. Eaves space that I asked about using for storage in another thread. View along bathrooms/en suites/dressing rooms. Velux windows go in soon. Guest room dressing room. Not sure about the airtightness membrane. First stud walls going in. Another view from the upstairs landing. Games room, really sunny with the Velux windows. View from the top. View down into study from games room. Chimney and balcony at the end of the house. Eaves space in my daughter's bedroom. She wants a secret area in here.
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    Wow! I'm impressed..... That's genius (or am I too easily pleased) Love the animation too.... It's what husband does for a living Thanks @NickfromWales... ?
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    Well this is just an update.... shower pod or propper job. This was all done as cheep as reasonable so it took some time to acquire all the materials. Total price including all insulation and materials was about £700, Triton shower, Coram shower tray, vent axia vent and light. Its essentially a shower built on top of a towbar of a caravan....... hence only 900mm to play with and its going to be awkward to hitch it back up...... L
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