Pooring concrete . Above Ground Ringbeam . Shuttering Burst . Concrete Explodes .



Been a while. Had no time. Contrary to the rest of the world, i did not have a minute of rest in 2020 and even 2021 looks similar so far. Finally managed to update the blog...




Clickbaity headline , but i promise... Shuttering DID burst (even though nothing fatal) and Concrete DID explode (again , nothing fatal)


More in the blog .

Cheers 🍻


P.S.: @Jeremy Harris , i am still missing you and this place has become less of a fascination for me since you gone, so get your s**t together and help us helpless noobs out 😁 .

@Russell griffiths trying his best to replace you, but he just doesnt have the endless depths of statistical analysis and tables 😋 (still a big help though)

Not to forget the rest of the very patient and knowledgeable Buildhubbers -thank you all !

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Great to see you've made progress, I know how busy it's been for you and how difficult your site access is.

Completely agree about missing Mr Harris, Russell is doing a great job but it's a hard act to follow.

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