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Kitchen Completed




So finally got round to finishing all the decorating over the Christmas break! The front window will be getting swapped for triple glazing at some point, but other than that and a tiny bit of skirting board its complete.












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11 hours ago, joe90 said:

Cracking job mate, bet your really pleased ?


I am indeed mate, been a long time coming that one, but finally made it! ?

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11 minutes ago, dpmiller said:

looks great. Is that Howden's Clerkenwell?


It DIY Kitchens (www.diy-kitchens.com) this one, handleless in Grey (which turned out to be a Farrow and Ball colour in the end, not that they advertise it)

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10 hours ago, TheMitchells said:

Looks great Mike.  can you tell me what flooring you used in the kitchen. I like that look.?


Flooring was actually just some cheap laminate from B&Q which I put in many years ago when this used to be a dining room, to stop the house rabbit eating the Lino I used to have down. When I came to do this, it was still in great condition, and I had a load of spare lengths, so I chose the best bits and relayed just in the kitchen area, seemed a shame to throw it away and I was happy with the colour match.  May have been walnut effect?

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