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Wonky wall update




A brief update on my inward leaning gable that I posted about recently.  Just to recap, I spotted that the gable section of my west facing bedroom wall was leaning inward at an angle and made it look as though there was a problem with the window, which turned out not to be the case.


Over the last couple of days I've been liaising with my timber frame company, MBC, and my window company, Norrsken, to see what needs to be done.  I've taken plenty of photos to illustrate the problem and the MBC team will be on site week commencing 22nd October to put things right.  They would have come earlier but I have some other things that are scheduled for next week and need to get those done first, so I requested the slightly later date and they were happy to oblige.  It's clear enough from all the photos that the problem lies with the timber frame but it's still very reassuring that MBC haven't argued or quibbled over anything and have been positive from the start, agreeing that it does need fixing and setting about organising it.


Because of the position of the section that is out of line, the window will first need to be removed.  The Norrsken team were due to come back at some point to go through the snag list and they, too, are happy to come back that week so that as well as sorting out the snag list, they can assist with the removal and re-installation of the bedroom window.


It has to be said that with the weather that we've had this year, I've had something of a charmed run on the build so far and given how complex and large a project building a house is, I'm amazed at how few problems I've had to date.  Even so, I've always been prepared for something going wrong at some point and my view is that it was almost inevitable.  What is less predictable is how the parties involved respond to the problem to get it sorted out.  In this case, I have been really pleased with the responses.  Pretty much as soon as I contacted MBC and brought the issue to their attention, the response has been to get it fixed.  At that stage, they couldn't say what caused the fault and until they see it, they can't be sure.  What they have been emphatic about, though, is that they will get it sorted and before the next stage of works are due to commence on 5th November.  Norrsken also deserve a special mention as they haven't hesitated to co-ordinate and make sure that MBC can do what they need to do whilst the windows are taken care of.


All that remains now is to see just how the Leaning Wall of Bagber will be rectified; it doesn't look like any easy job to me and I'll be interested to see how it gets done and greatly relieved once it is done.

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I'll sort it for 8 cans of full strength lager. Simples.


I constantly hear of MBC's willingness to just sort whatever issue(s) have arisen. Hats off to the teams, collectively, for removing any headaches this could have caused you.


Onwards, and upwards!

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Wow, that's about the best you could hope for in the circumstances. Building is an imperfect business, and all you want when things do go wrong is for the people involved to admit what they've done and put it right promptly.

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