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Getting the ball rolling




The first big money was spent today - I signed my contract with MBC and paid the deposit.  I think I could use a menopausal hot flush about now, to counteract the cold sweat that comes over me at the thought of spending all that money. 


I haven't been idle since getting our planning permission through, either, as I know that the clock is ticking on loads of things that would be done later due to the type of build.  Stuff like how the cabling from the internet satellite dish will run into the house.  I rang the ISP and asked them how they would normally approach things - "well, we will just drill a hole through the wall".  Oh no, you won't!  I'm waiting for them to call me back to have a chat about cabling requirements.


I also found out exactly where the water meter is and the route of the supply pipe.  I have been known to be lacking in powers of observation for things I'm not interested in, and a water meter would definitely fall into that category.  However, I have specifically looked for it a few times but not succeeded and I found out why today - it's a few hundred metres down the lane, outside someone else's house in what the water company described as 'a large chamber'.  All very gothic, but at least I know where to look now.


The architect is moving at his usual glacial pace with things, so I have my rockets ready to be inserted in strategic places to make sure he keeps up with everyone else rather than slow things down as I think will happen if left to his own devices.  The glowing taper is approaching the blue touch paper.


Currently waiting calls back from:

Wessex Water


His preferred BCO (for a quote and a chat about the house build)

Highways management (what we need to do when creating the new vehicular access to the garage)

Planning case officer (about the bats and our roof, to agree timing on removal)


Time to go and do some paid work now.  Sigh.



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If bats ate all the newts and then died from over indulgence, that would work out pretty well!  Fortunately, only summer roost bats right now.  It could be so much worse!

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